The key aim of our Quantum Technologies programme in sensing and metrology is the development of portable:

  • Atomic clocks (cold atoms)
  • Rotation sensing (cold atoms)
  • Magnetometry (thermal atoms)

The cold atom experiments are aided by our expertise in grating magneto-optical traps. The general principle is described here (right), and highlighted in these news items: Nature Nanotech paper, May 2013 cover + News and ViewsStrathclyde News.

Grating Magneto-Optical traps (GMOTs).

We have extended our shadow-free 4-beam pyramidal magneto-optical trap into a planar geometry. A triplet of diffraction gratings are used to split and steer a single incoming beam into a tripod of reflected beams, allowing trapping in the four-beam overlap volume. Using the technique with our micro-fabricated gratings we trap and subsequently sub-Doppler cool 87Rb atoms to a recent record of 3μK.

Fresnel zone plates: In addition to a variety of one- and two-dimensional micro-fabricated spatially periodic patterns (gratings), we are investigating the use of micro-fabricated transmissive Fresnel holograms for creating arbitrary optical dipole potentials for atomtronics.


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