Dr. Bruno Peaudecerf
Department of Physics
University of Strathclyde
107 Rottenrow East
Glasgow G4 0NG
United Kingdom
Office: John Anderson 3.08(1)
Lab: John Anderson 3.09/3.11
Phone: (+44) 141 548 5788 (Office) / 5749 (Lab)
Fax: (+44) 141 552 2891

Single-atom imaging


  • Single-atom imaging of fermions in a quantum-gas microscope
    E. Haller, J. Hudson, A. Kelly, D. Cotta, B. Peaudecerf, G. Bruce, S. Kuhr,
    Nature Physics 11, 738–742 (2015)
  • Forward-backward analysis of the photon-number evolution in a cavity
    T. Rybarczyk, B. Peaudecerf, M. Penasa, S. Gerlich, B. Julsgaard, K. Mølmer, S. Gleyzes, M. Brune, J. M. Raimond, S. Haroche, and I. Dotsenko
    Phys. Rev. A 91, 062116 (2015)
  • Adaptive quantum nondemolition measurement of a photon number,
    B. Peaudecerf, T. Rybarczyk, S. Gerlich, S. Gleyzes, J.-M. Raimond, S. Haroche, I. Dotsenko and M. Brune,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 080401 (2014).
  • Quantum feedback experiments stabilizing Fock states of light in a cavity,
    B. Peaudecerf, C. Sayrin, X. Zhou, T. Rybarczyk, S. Gleyzes, I. Dotsenko, J.-M. Raimond, M. Brune and S. Haroche,
    Phys. Rev. A 87, 042320 (2013).
  • Quantum Zeno dynamics of a field in a cavity,
    J.-M. Raimond, P. Facchi, B. Peaudecerf, S. Pascazio, C. Sayrin, I. Dotsenko, S. Gleyzes, M. Brune and S. Haroche,
    Phys. Rev. A 86, 032120 (2012).
  • Field locked to a Fock state by quantum feedback with single photon corrections,
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  • Real-time quantum feedback prepares and stabilizes photon number states,
    C. Sayrin, I. Dotsenko, X. Zhou, B. Peaudecerf, T. Rybarczyk, S. Gleyzes, P. Rouchon, M. Mirrahimi, H. Amini, M. Brune, J.-M. Raimond and S. Haroche,
    Nature 477, 73-77 (2011).
  • Persistent currents in normal metal rings,
    A. C. Bleszynski-Jayich, W. E. Shanks, B. Peaudecerf, E. Ginossar, F. von Oppen, L. Glazman, and J. G. E. Harris,
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